Mama and Daddy Oriole

Two Golden Orioles searched for Lantana berries but found none.

"Who plucked them?" cried mama Oriole. “Ori, our chick, will be miserable if we return without any.”

Little Atreya, who was passing by, overheard them."I saw Magul, the demon, walk away with some," he said. "But can't you pick something else?"

"These berries were magical," replied mama Oriole. Without them, I can't sing lullabies and make Ori sleep.”

Little Atreya meets the Orioles

"Oh, dear," said Atreya. "There are more on that mountain. I could watch Ori while you fetch some."

"Thank you, Atreya," said daddy Oriole.

When Atreya came to Ori’s tree, he got a shock. Hidden behind a bush, Magul was throwing berries on the ground and tweeting for her to come down.

Atreya leapt behind a log, wondering how to rescue Ori.